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The first step in the to getting this process working is to build an assessment that is dedicated to the specific process that you have in mind. We will use the process of Unsubscribing to an Email Newsletter for this example.

1. Navigate to the Assessment template tab and click on New.

2. Now fill in the respective fields with the desired information making sure to select the Auto Submit field. Then click Save. If you are not seeing the fields shown in the example below please refer to Adding a Field to Page Layout.

3. Now that you have the assessment template you will need to create a section template to hold the question template

4. Then you will build a Hidden Question and provide it with a default value. The default value can be whatever you prefer it to be. This value will be used to be mapped to the assessable object and later drive the workflow rule so it’s nice to keep it simple.

5. You will now have an assessment template that is dedicated to the process of Unsubscribing to an Email Newsletter.