Once you are on the ExAM Command Console tab you will click on +New ExAM. You will be prompted to enter a name for your assessment template and then click Continue.

You have now created the general assessment template. The next step is to create a section template; a section template is a means of blocking together related question templates. To create the section template you will enter a Name and Description then click Add Section.

Now that you have a section template you will be prompted to create your first question template. To do this you will select the Question Type by choosing from the dropdown picklist. You can find a complete list of the question types available to you here. Then you will supply the Question Text. Dependent on the question type that you have chosen if it is a text-based question you will just click Add Question.

If it is a question type that you have to provide Answer Options for you will select the Question Type, provide the Question Text and then add the Answers options and finally click Add Question.

You have the ability to add as many questions templates as well as section templates until you have completed creating the assessment template by continuing to click Add Question or Add Section.

Once you have completed creating the section templates and question templates you have created your first assessment template.