This month we are excited to highlight a new functionality that we believe will prove to open up as many possibilities as you are willing to be creative to achieve. Combining several of the recent ExAM releases and the functionalities that were provided to them you will now be able to push valuable information into your Salesforce org through just one click of the mouse. Of course, to reach that point it requires a bit of setup and configuration but none the less this provides you with an important function that can be utilized in many ways.

To highlight this functionality we’ll show you what we are talking by using it to solve an issue that many salesforce users are familiar with, and that is the difficulty of managing mass emails in your Salesforce org and having an easy way to opt in or out on the mass email list.

Combined Functions in play:

There are several components working together to make it so that this can work as a whole so here is a little summary of what is going on. This process is made possible by utilizing an assessment template that has auto submit turned on, and inside this assessment template, there is a hidden question that is provided with a default value. When the assessment link is clicked it will auto submit the default value that has been provided and through field mapping that value can be reflected to a field on the assessable object. Now we could stop there as this is already a valuable outcome couple more steps this can be used to drive many actions that otherwise would have been more difficult. An example is by setting up workflow rules that are dependent on the information that is being brought in you can drive salesforce to automatically execute the actions available. For this example, we are going to put a workflow rule in place that will change a field value on the assessable object.

Article Series:

1. Building the Unsubscribe Assessment

2. Adding Required Fields for Unsubscribe 

3. Field mapping the Assessment to Assessable object

4. Setting up Workflow rules for Unsubscribe


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