Add Quick Answer/ Add Advanced Answer

ExAM Command Console recently received some UI improvements and with these UI improvements came the introduction of the ability to add answer option to a question template in two different ways. You are now able to select between adding a quick answer or an advanced answer. These two answer records will be saved on the question template in the same way the only thing that varies is the amount of information you are able to provide to the answer record upon creation of that record. When choosing to add a quick answer you are able to add multiple answers at a time and the only information that you are able to provide to those answers during creation is the answer text, answer help text, and answer score weight. This allows you to quickly create assessments when they only require basic information. When choosing to add an advanced answer you are able to provide much more information to that answer record upon creation, but you are only able to add one answer option at a time. This allows for you to choose the method of adding answer options that best fits your assessment template and allows for you to create simple assessment template much quicker.

Using the new method of being able to select how you would like to add answer option to the question template is fairly intuitive and should not provide you with any roadblocks but despite this below are the examples of how to add answer options and what selecting each option will look like.

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console.

You can either select an existing assessment template or you can create an entirely new assessment template to test out the new UI for adding an answer option to a question template. For ease of showing I will just be adding an answer option to an existing question template on an existing assessment template. So I will just click into an existing assessment template.

Once on the assessment template, I will click the Details tab on an existing question template. This will allow you to add answer options.

You will notice that there are two buttons in the answer section. Choosing either of these buttons will determine what fields on the answer record are available when upon creation of the answer record. If you are building a quick survey that does not require a ton of information on the answer option you would want to click +Add Quick Answer. You will notice that open field will pop up in-line with the answer options that are already present.

You are able to click the +Add Quick Answer button multiple times so that you are able to input information for multiple answer options at a time.

You will then provide the answer options with the information that you wish to include. Only the answer text is required. When all the information has been provided to the answer options you will click the Check Mark that is in line with that answer option to save it to the assessment template. You are also able to delete the answer option by clicking the X that is in line with that answer option.

If you want to create an answer option that may require a bit more information than just sticking in the answer text, help text, and answer weight you will want to click the +Add Advanced Answer button.

You will then be prompted to enter in more information on the answer option that you are creating. When you have input all the information you will click Save Answer and that answer option and all its information will be saved to the question template.

Once all you answer are inputted on the question template you will want to click Save Changes to finalized the save.