With a rapidly growing feature and functionalities bank, it is important to remind our users that there are not standardized page layouts being pushed with the updated versions that are coming to you monthly. While there is the ability to do so, due to the complexity and wide use cases of ExAM, we believe that pushing standardized page layouts into your Org would hinder the user experience. With that being said it is still very important that we ensure that if a new field or functionality is introduced that our users are aware of it and have the ability to access and utilize it! So with that in mind, this is just a little refresher to remind you that if you ever see a field that you aren’t familiar with or don’t see it where you are expecting to see it being talked about, check to see if it can be added through editing the page layout. Below is an example to show you what we are talking about:

In the most recent release of ExAM v1.60, an example of where an added field to a page layout to access the new functionality is the ability to disable a question on an assessment template. This function allows for you to have a question bank for an assessment template and pick and choose which are actively displayed on the assessment template, but without having the field on the question template page layout you would not be able to access the functionality. There are several ways to edit page layout, but for the sake of that being salesforce native functionality, we are only going to show you one way. These steps demonstrate adding a filed to the question template, but the same steps can be used to edit other page layouts, such as section template and assessment template.

1.First, you will navigate to the question template.

2. On the Question Template, you can see all the fields that are currently displayed in the page layout. You should scan it to see if the field you are looking for is already present on it. Since we are looking for the “disabled” field, you can see that it is not currently on the page layout. So at this time, you want to click on Edit Layout.

3. Here you can scroll through the available fields, button, etc. to find what you may be looking for. In this case, it is Disabled.

4. Now you will Click on that box and drag and drop it under the Question template details portion below, where you wish for it to be displayed.

4. Then you will click Save and that field will now be displayed on the question template across the entire Org.

5. And that is the refresher on how to edit the page layout in order to find a field that you may not be seeing, but have heard of. This process works relatively the same throughout all page layouts. So this is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a new field to provide functionality but may not be seeing it after updating your Org.