When the ExAM team rolls out a new type of question in a package release to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs as well as predicting future use cases it is important that your ExAM Admin ensures that they are available to be used in your Org.

From the ExAM app home screen, you are going to click on Setup.

Here you will type Object into the Quick find box and you will click on Objects under the Create tab.

Now Scroll down until you see the Custom Object Question Template and click on it.

On this page scroll down until you find Question Type in the Custom Fields and Relationship section and click on it.

Here you will scroll down until you read the Values section and click New.

At this point, you type in the name of the new question type and click Save. It is important to note that you must type in the question type name exactly how it is named. (The names of the new question types will be provided to you when they are released in packaging)