Assessment Template Options Tab

The Options tab in the ExAM Command Console allows you to make easy changes to the configuration of your assessment, such as Basic Options, Survey Look and Feel, Advanced Options, and Web intercept.

Basic Options

In the basic options, you are able to quickly access, review, and make changes to several fields that every survey is likely to utilize. In this section, you can view the Description and Template Name which you can edit for clarity and organizational purposes. You are also able to configure the Assessment Completed URL for the assessment template, which is the destination that the survey participant will be directed to once they have completed this specific assessment. Along with those fields, you are able to make to configure whether or not Section Titles and Question Numbers will appear on your assessment. It is also an option to set the assessment to generate a Case or Lead.

Survey Look and Feel

In this section of the Options Tab, you are able to utilize the swift and easy customization options that are provided to you. It is possible to configure the Template Heading Text as well as the Logo that you wish to be displayed with the assessment template giving you a personalized header with just the click of several buttons. You are also able to choose the color of both the Header and Background color and Text color further customizing the look and feel through simple clicks. From this section, you are also able to see the Advanced Survey Look and Feel options and if you wish to utilize those for greater customization you can do so.

Advanced Options

Here you are going to find the configurable option that does not always apply to every assessment template. For example, you can choose to set your assessment template to Single Question Mode causing it to display only one question at a time in the Public Assessment. In this section, you are able to view the fields as well as choose which of the Advanced Options you wish to edit and configure for your assessment giving you the ability for greater configurability on each assessment template you build in the ExAM Command Console.

Web Intercept Look and Feel

In the Web Intercept Look and Feel section you are able to make some changes and overrides to areas such as the Public Assessment Page, Assessment page, and Modal. These fields are not necessary to configure and have to do with CSS and should only be made if you have background knowledge in the topic.