As an organization, it is extremely important to be providing and maintaining a valuable and reliable experience to your customers! Customer satisfaction is a very important metric that can have a large impact on your organization. One way to ensure that your organization is responding and adapting to your customer’s ever-changing needs and experiences is to implement some form of a customer satisfaction survey. Lucky for you this article series will be focused on creating a viable customer satisfaction survey paired with a distribution method and a way of tracking and visualizing the valuable information collected by it!

Advantages of Customer Satisfaction

There are many advantages that come along with having a happy customer. As many people would say “the customer is always right”! Although if you have ever worked in retail some employees would beg to differ, even the retail employees would have to agree with the idea that “a happy customer is a good customer”. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction can and will give your organization several advantages! Here is just a handful of example:

  1. It reinforces a loyal relationship between you and the customer: The relationship between your organization is an important thing to keep in mind. The better that customers experience was when dealing with your organization the more likely they are to think of you favorably. When a customer thinks that interacting you was a pleasant experience it will increase the likelihood and willingness that they will interact with you again. This has the potential to create a lifelong customer!
  2. The client always has the option to not do business with you: In most market spaces the client and organization have a mutual relationship where they both need each other to function but it is important to remember that the client will almost always have the option to take their business elsewhere.

  3. It can separate you from your competitors: Depending on the space in which your organization operates in there is likely always going to be a competitor. That is why it is important to take action in the areas where you can to elevate yourself above the competition. When it comes to highly competitive market spaces the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy customer can make or break an organization, which is why it is important to be adapting and providing the best experience possible.

How ExAM can help

ExAM can help you create the survey and send it automatically when a case closes with a certain set of parameters. Use different email templates and survey templates to ensure you can tailor the user experience to your requirements.

Spawn a new cases automatically from a survey based on ExAM Watchlist Words feature, or set them directly from a case question type of from an ExAMified Web-to-Case on your website.

Important Metrics of Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways different ways to measure and track customer satisfaction and different experts will tell you that one way is better than another. Instead of just listening to which one is best it may be more beneficial to highlight some agreed upon metrics to be following and let you decide on which way of analyzing these metrics best suits you. Some example of important metrics to keep in mind when deciding what question to ask in your survey are listed below:

  • Customer Expectation vs. perception

  • Likelihood to recommend to friends

  • Customers Ease of interaction

  • Customers experience vs. desired experience

  • Overall Satisfaction

  • Likelihood to be a returning customer

These are just some examples and the list is most definitely not limited to only these. This is just a starting point to get you thinking.

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