Building a Customer Satisfaction Survey in ExAM is just like building any other inspection/survey that you may have done before. Regardless we are going to walk through the steps to show you how to do it just in case. It is important to remember that this is just a basic example and that you can be as simple or complex when building out your survey!

1.Navigate to the ExAM Command Console.

2.From here click on the New ExAM button.

3. Now enter a Survey title and click Continue.

4. Here you can add a Section Name and Description for an organization or aesthetic purposes. Then you click Add Section.

5.Now here comes the important part, adding the questions to the survey. For the purpose of this how-to, we are just going to add some generic customer satisfaction question, but it is important to remember that you can get as complicated or basic with these as desired and you can use any of the question types available in ExAM to maximize the capabilities of this survey.

6.A good question type to use for questions geared for this use case is the horizontal radiopicklist. So select the desired question type and enter the question text as well as the answer option. The end result of a question will look something like what is pictured below.

7. Now click the Add Question button.

8. This is a customizable experience so variable like answer text, answer option weight, question weight, and the option to make the question required can all be changed to fit your use case

9. Now I want to make another question that is formatted the same as the previous show question so I could go through the steps of entering all the variables in again or I could click on the Copy tab. This will clone this question and give you the option to move it to the desired location. Once you choose its location you will click Copy.

10. Now that I have an identical question I can edit by clicking on the question text and typing my new question there while keeping the answer options and respective weights. Then click Save.

11. This process can be completed as many times as necessary.

12. Another useful question type to use in a Customer Service Survey is the Text Area question so I’ll show you an example of what that might look like.

13. You will click the +Add question button to add a new question type.

14. Now you will select the Textarea question type and enter the desired question text as well as set a field length limit. It will look similar to what is pictured below, then you will click Add Question.

15. When you have added all the questions that you wish to include in your customer survey and you are happy with the results you are complete because everything was saving as you were making progress building.