As has been mentioned before if you want a simple mechanism for doing NPS you can easily capture scores just by using the survey we did in the first section. In this section, we continue on and approach to using NPS to support multiple services and products as well as to support advanced analytic capabilities against our NPS scores in order to maximize our analytic capabilities.

Create an NPS object to hold data from our assessable object.
NPS Custom Object

Once we have the object created the next task is to create all of the initial fields we will use to support our analysis as shown below. The Contact lookup and Product lookup should be pretty self-explanatory. As should the ExAM NPS Score which is simply a numeric value we will send to the NPS object from Salesforce Process Builder. The same goes for NPS Status and NPS Survey Template, these are just text fields we will take in from the Contact object via Salesforce Process Builder.

Create the NPS Promoter, Passive, and Detractor fields using formula fields that leverage the following logic:

If you would like to have the NPS icons we display also displayed against your NPS object records you can employ the same logic as shown below. Those images can be downloaded here.

Finally, let’s add a Net Promoter Score against the product object as well.
Salesforce Product NPS Field

Below is an image of all the Custom Fields and Relationships that should have been Added to the NPS object.