Building the NPS Survey in ExAM is the easy part of this effort. ExAM Command Console makes it easy to add questions and configure every aspect of your NPS survey.

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console where you will create the NPS assessment by clicking +New ExAM and naming the assessment. Once you have given the assessment a name you will click Continue.

Next, you will create a section template by providing the Name and Description and clicking Add Section.

You are then prompted to create a question template. Here you will select the Question Type Horizontal RadioPicklist and provide the Question Text as well as the Answer Options. Repeat this step several with varying question text and answer options to build the rest of the NPS assessment. During this step, you are also able to set the Question Weight and Answer Option Weight. I made the question weight worth 10 points and then mapped each NPS answer value to a percentage of the total. For example, if someone selects a “9” they would receive 90 percent of the question weight or 9 points. To update the percentage of the total question weight that will be scored for each answer option, click Show Answer Details.

Now we are going to add an open-ended Text Area question type. This could be something like “What would it take to raise our score one point?” or leverage ExAM to ask the follow-up question based on the response provided by the customer, but in this case, I prefer to ask the simple question “Why?” Note that in this case, I’ve put a restriction on the characters in the response to keep things simple.  

At this point, you can repeat any of the above steps to provide more questions on the assessment but for the sake of NPS, it is ideal to keep it short and to the point to promote higher response rates.