The first step in getting this process to work is to build an assessment template that is dedicated to the specific process that you have in mind. We will use the process of unsubscribing to an Email newsletter for this example.

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console by clicking on the tab.

Then click on + New ExAM to create a new assessment template. You will then name the template appropriately and click Continue.

Next, you will enter the Section Title and click Add Section.

Now, select the Question Type and set it to Hidden. You will also provide a Question Text.

Click on the Question Option section of the question template and provide a Default Value of 1 and click Add Question. The default value can be whatever you prefer it to be. This value will be used to be mapped to the assessable object and later drive the workflow rule so it’s nice to keep it simple.


You now have an assessment template that is dedicated to the process of Unsubscribing to an Email Newsletter.