Description: The ‘Case Close Survey Configuration’ enables caseworkers to efficiently streamline their case management by providing a quick and easy way to send custom assessment templates and emails to users upon the case closing. When a case is closed the user no longer has to worry about sending follow up emails while finding which templates are applicable based off of a variety of options. ExAM takes care of all of it! All the admin needs to do is select what kind of field they use to determine the follow-up, select their templates and they can take a whole step off of their workflow. Below is a list of the steps on how to configure the Case Close Survey configuration as well as adding Email Templates to the ExAM folder so that they are accessible on the Configuration page:

  1. From the ExAM app home page, you are going to click on the drop-down menu on the upper right-hand side of the screen and select “ExAM Configuration”.
  2. Once on the ExAM Configuration screen, you will scroll down until you see the Section “Case Close Survey Configuration”.
  3. Here you will click on the “Edit Configuration” button which will allow you to toggle the respective field to achieve the desired case closed survey experience.
  4. On this editing screen, you are able to click the “+” to add as many rules to cover every use that you wish to cover as well as clicking the trash can easily delete a rule.
  5. In the Assessment Template field, every assessment template that exists in your Salesforce Org is available to be selected and applied as well as the email templates that you have moved into your ExAM Case Close Survey folder.
  6. Once you have the rules set and the desired templates associated with them all you have to do is click “Save” and you have configured the Case closed Survey templates.