Case Closed Functionality

Case Closed Survey are assessment templates that are configured to send when a certain set of criteria related to a case is met and that case is closed. An example of a use case were this might be useful is if you would like a customer satisfaction survey to be sent out upon closure of a case.

Configure the Criteria

Setting the criteria is simple, all you have to do is choose the field on the case object and the field value that you would like to be checked to execute the email. Any time that a case is closed that meets the field value an email will be sent to the related case contact containing the assessment you specified.

Customize your Assessment Template

With ExAM you are able to utilize any assessment template that you are able to build in the app. This means that you can create and customize templates based on the case closed criteria that you have configured.

Utilize Salesforce Email Templates

ExAM is able to leverage the Salesforce Email templates that exist in your Org. This means that all the tools that you are accustomed to are available to you to make customized Email templates that correspond with the use case that you are applying the case closed functionality with.

Analyze Actionable Data

Just like any other assessment in ExAM you have all the reporting and dashboard capabilities of Salesforce are at your disposal. Set up reports and dashboards to ensure you are tracking the information that is important to you

Interested in learning more about how to implement case closed functionality via ExAM? Check out our blog series on case closed functionailty and customer satissfaction.

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