Completing an Assessment in the Public Viewer

The public assessment viewer is geared towards exactly what it sounds like … the public. This viewer allows for public assessment links to be viewed and access by a broad group of stakeholders. This viewer also provides exceptional customer feedback capabilities across multiple channels and allows you to really get to understand your stakeholders. ExAM’s public assessment viewer handles more than 20 question types and can be easily configured to elegantly gather data or be completely absorbed into your look and feel by adding custom CSS.

Performing an Assessment in the Public Viewer

To perform an assessment from the public viewer the assessment will have first have a public assessment URL that is directing you to the assessment. This can be received in several ways. Once that URL has been generated you would access the assessment through that link. The public assessment links that have been generated can be found under the Public Assessments tab or depending on the type of distribution you have configured they will be sent to the recipient’s Email.

Once you have found the Public Assessment URL that relates to the assessment you are attempting to complete you will click on it.

This will bring the assessment up in a new tab. You are then able to complete the assessment and once you have done that you will click Submit.