Completing an Assessment in the Standard Viewer

Standard Viewer

The Standard viewer is focused on allowing you to collect data from within your Salesforce Org and its shared communities. ExAM’s Standard Viewer sets the standard for easy data collection from inside your Salesforce Org. Easily configure a viewer that lets you empower your community members to gather data and provide you with complex interactions tied a completely configurable viewer including tabs for navigating between data collection assignments, navigating between assessable objects, Enable Comments, File Uploads, and many other Advanced features.

Performing an Assessment in the Standard Viewer

Assessments are performed in the context of an assignment. Assessments are all related to an assignment from the assignment manager list. For this assignment, we will assume the assessment is being performed within our desktop environment.

Click the Assignment Manager tab to display the list of assignments.  The Assignment Manager list will display. Select All and click Go to show the entire list of assignments. Once you have found the assignment that you intend to complete you will click on it.

The Assignment Manager screen will display. Scroll down the main page until you get to the Assessment Links portion of the page. You will click on the Standard Viewer Link.

The assessment will be generated in a new tab where you are able to complete it. Once you have completed it you will click Save & Submit.