Completing and Assessment in the Lens Viewer

Lens Viewer

The Lens Viewer focuses on allowing mobile collection of data. Whether that be inspectors deployed to various locations using mobile devices or someone simply utilizing the app on the move. The Lens Viewer handles ExAM’s most complex data collection tasks so you can make them simple for the people who are providing the information. Create complex interrelated data calls via a simple app like interface that allows you to easily build data collection via form, into workflow, and then on to assignment of a reviewer and data evaluation via form application. The Lens Viewer is also the basis for the MB&A iOS and Android native apps that support offline data collection. Whether you are collecting polling data in a rural area with spotty wifi, the belly of a convention center or just need to know you can still collect your data our native apps help you take that offline without losing any of the Len’s Viewers power.

Performing an Assessment in the Lens Viewer

To complete an assessment through the Lens viewer you will navigate to a created assignment manager related to the assessment you want to complete.

You will then scroll down until you see the Lens Viewer Link and click on it.

You are then able to navigate the assessment template and input any information. Once you have completed the assessment you will click Submit or Submit & Save.