At ExAM, we manage our certification program through Accounts and Contacts. Essentially if you want to become certified you need to sign up and provide account and contact information. This means that you probably found your way on to our site and filled out some information that was a Web to Lead page, some information on that can be found here. Then after that, you would use our Certified Administration Registration Page. Once you schedule your course if we didn’t already have you in Salesforce we added you as a Contact and an Account. Now Salesforce has the information that it needs on the participant to help drive the other parts of this Certification puzzle.

To support the certification process we need to add several fields to the Contact object:

  1. Add a Text field titled Last Assessment Template. This field will hold the information of what certification assessment the contact has most recently completed.
  2. Add a Date/Time field titled Last Assessment Date. This field will hold the information that keeps track of the last time a certification assessment was taken.
  3. Add a Number field titled Last Assessment Score. This field will hold the last certification assessment score.
  4. Add a Checkbox field titled Certification Distribution. This checkbox field will be used for creating the assessment group during distribution. You will need to manually check this box on a person’s contact record if you wish for them to receive the certification assessment.