The Inspection Scheduling Wizard is an exciting new feature within the ExAM Command Console! After some basic configuration you can quickly group users and locations related to an inspection template and the system will automatically assign the inspections to the users within the group while accounting for drive time, user locations, and blackout times. With this new feature scheduling inspections has never been easier! Before you can start playing around with this new feature there is some simple configuration steps that you must execute first.

Step One: First you must contact us and let us know that this is a feature that you are interested in utilizing… I know it’s crazy but we do not just default this feature on for everyone!

Step Two: You must confirm that your Google maps API key is configured in your Org. If you do not have this configured you can find the guide on how to do that here.

Step Three: You will need to enter Setup in your Org and activate the data integration rules for Account Billing Address.

Step Four: You will need to manually enter in the Geolocation information(latitude and longitude) for each user that you plan to use in the scheduling wizard.