Here at ExAM HQ, we like to think about solutions to the big picture not just to the use case at hand. That’s why the Administrators Survey is just the first step, we want to be able to support a multitude of testing and certifications for multiple use cases. In order to help support the complexity that can come from this, we have decided to create a custom object to leverage called Certification.

You may also want to create a Custom Object, and if you plan to use it for Certification it would be a decent idea to name it that, but hey I’m not your supervisor. Creating this object is Salesforce native functionality and a little guide can be found here

Just focus on creating a Certification object and the fields you will use to support your initial certification process. You can always add complexity later. Here is what we came up with as the base Certification object and fields.

An important field to take note of here is the certification status. This is a formula field that will drive the population of the Pass or Fail status being shown on the Certification record. This field will also be used later to drive the workflow rules to distribute Email templates related to an individual’s Pass or Fail status. Here is a screenshot of the formula that exists in this custom field: