Create a Public Assessment URL via the Assessment Development Wizard

The Public Assessments Manager allows you to create assessments and expose them to an external audience. There are times when you will want to expose an assessment to the general public and provide them with a link that they can click on to view/take the assessment. This is done by selecting the Public Assessments Manager tab within the Assessment Development Wizard, which also allows you to choose an assessable object and then associate it with an assessment group or record, as well as with an assessment template, to generate such a public assessment. Follow the steps below to generate a public assessment.

Select an assessable object for the public assessment from Assessable Object drop-down menu.

Next, select whether you are you are distributing to an assessment group or a single assessable record by clicking the option in the drop-down menu. If you leave this field blank you will still be able to create a public assessment link and each time that assessment is taken it will create a new record on the selected assessable object.

Once you have selected either an assessment group or assessment record a new field will populate where you can choose the record or group intended.

Then you will select the desired assessment template by choosing from the drop-down menu.

You are then able to enter an expiration date within the Expiration Date field to define when the public assessment will no longer be available. Leaving this field blank would leave the public assessment available until otherwise changed. Once the expiration date expires, the user would see an error message if they clicked on the public assessment link informing them that it has expired.

Once you have entered in all the required information to their respective fields you will click Save to generate the link. You will receive a message informing you that the public assessment record was successfully created.

To retrieve the link that was just generated you will navigate to the Public Assessments tab.

Next, you will click on Go! with the list view set to All.

If you click on the Created Date column you are then able to sort by most recently created. The Public Assessment URL at the top of the list will be the link that you had just generated. You can then copy that link and distribute or use it however you need.

Alternatively, you are able to achieve the same results using ExAM Distribution within the ExAM Command Console.