Create Assessment URLs with Assignments Generator

Selecting the Assignments Generator tab within the Assessment Development Wizard allows you to automatically generate assignments for your assessments from your pool of users. The assignments generator function is more or less an extension of the public assessments manager function, but less extensive in that it provides the user with the ability to create public assessment records on the fly and in bulk. Once you have selected the assessment template, you can select the assessment group and/or the assessable records, or simply enter the number of account records that you want to create. In that way, each of the assignment records generated will have a public assessment record created for it.

Select an assessment template from the Assessment Template drop-down menu.

Select an assessable object from the Assessable Object drop-down menu.

Next, select whether you are you are distributing to an assessment group or a single assessable record by clicking the option in the drop-down menu.

You will then be prompted to choose the Assessable Record or Group.

If you choose to distribute to an assessment group you will notice that you can select the Assessment Group and the No. of records field becomes inactive. This is because the assignment generator knows how many records to create based off of the number of records within the assessment group.

You will then set the Expiration Date of the assignment by choosing a date from the field. Leaving this field blank will effectively leave the assignment open until otherwise changed.

Once you have entered in all the information into the respective field you will click Save and an Email containing the .CSV files of the links will be sent you your Email associated with your user profile.

To retrieve the .CSV file you would go to your Email inbox and download it from there. Here is an example of what that email will look like.

Alternaternativly if you chose to select an Assessable Record instead of an assessment group you would indicate the No. of records you wish to create and that amount will be generated and emailed to you via .CSV.

Alternatively, you are able to achieve the same results through ExAM Distribution within the ExAM Command Console.