Now that we have most of the pieces in this certification puzzle we are going to tie them all together using the process builder. This will automate the process of taking the mapped scores from the ExAM assessment links that are flowing to the Contact object record and will generate a Certification object record.

We are gonna start this one by creating a process builder, we named ours Create Certification Record.

The Create Certification Record process should be configured where it will start the process whenever a Contact record is created or edited.

The next step is to have the process builder evaluate the assessable object every time the Last Assessment Date (the field we created previously) is changed.

Then when the previous statement evaluates to true set the process builder to create a New Certification Record with the appropriate fields and values desired.

Once you have everything complete you will Save the Process Builder. Don’t forget to Activate! The process as well as to run a couple test to confirm that it is working properly.