Creating an Assessable Object

To ensure that Assess Anything is working properly you will Create ExAM to an Object. Doing this will allow you to take any object in you Org and make it assessable. Initially, the only object that is assessable by default in ExAM is the Account object so you will need to execute these steps whenever you are trying to use a different object as an assessable object. Fortunately, you must only complete these steps one time for each desired object.

First, navigate to the ExAM Configuration tab. Here you will look for the Assess Anything section with the dropdown picklist.

Now click on the Drop-down Picklist field. This will show you the available objects in your Org that you can make assessable. For this example, you can select any object on the list and then click Create ExAM to Object. If Assess anything is properly configured you should receive a pop-up messages saying the field has been created successfully.