To distribute the Certification assessment you will navigate to the ExAM Command Console where you will select your certification Assessment Template. Once you are on the assessment template you will then click the Distribution tab.

To create a new distribution you will click on the +New Distribution button. This will bring you to the process of entering all the information that is required to create a distribution.

Next, you will provide context by entering in the name of the distribution and indicating whether or not you will be assessing an existing Salesforce record. In this case, you are assessing a contact so you will click Existing.

You will now provide information on what type of object you are assessing by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting Contact. You will also search for a contact that you intend to distribute this assessment to and select that record. Once you have entered in that information you will click Continue.

Since you are distributing the certification assessment to contact you will answer Yes to the following question. You will also select Contact since that is the who you are distributing the assessment too.

You are now presented with the option to select a saved group or to create a new group. Since you haven’t yet created a group you will click Create a New Group and enter the group name. You will then click Create Filter and using the field we previously added to the contact object you will set it so that when that field is checked on a contact record that contact will be included in this group. You will then Apply the Filter and choose to Use this Group.

Once you have selected the group or created the group you will then choose the how to distribute method. Currently, the only method that is supported is through Email with Salesforce so you would click that method. You will then select the email template that you want to use to distribute the assessment and schedule the date and time that the Email will be sent. Once that is all complete you will click Select Template and Review.

In the review section, you can look over everything to confirm it is how you want it. You are also able to set an Expiration Date for the assessment as well as a Landing Page, Pre-Assessment Message, and  Post assessment Message. Once everything is correct you will click Save Distribution and you will have successfully scheduled an Email distribution.