Creating an Assessment Template with the Assessment Development Wizard

As mentioned previously there are several methods to build assessment templates within ExAM. The Builder tab within the Assessment Development Wizard is the older way to accomplish this task. The Assessment Development Wizard’s Builder tab allows you to quickly build assessment templates and provides you with the ability to modify them, preview them and/or clone them when needed. Alternatively, you are also able to complete all the same function provided by the ADW using the ExAM Command Console.

Only certain users can develop assessments. In order to develop an assessment, ensure that you have the proper credentials. Contact your administrator if you do not currently have the appropriate credentials necessary to use the Assessment Development Wizard.

Create an Assessment

Choose the Create New Template button to create a new assessment template. In this example, we will be creating a new assessment template, so click the Create New Template button.

The New Template Details screen will display. Enter the appropriate details required to clearly identify the name of the assessment and a description so that users will understand the purpose of the assessment. The template name that you select here will be used to describe the assessment in many places and should be chosen with care in order to ensure that users clearly understand its purpose. Once you have entered the information Save.

Click Save. The Assessment Template Detail screen will display.

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Add a Section Template

You can now begin creating the sections within that assessment. Click the New Section Template within the Section Templates portion of the Assessment Template Detail screen, as shown in the following illustration.

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The New Section Template Edit screen will display. Enter the section name and description. Section descriptions are especially valuable for complex surveys and other complex assessments that require introductory text for each section of questions. Create as many sections as you need. Use the Save & New button to rapidly create sections.

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Add a Question Template to a Section

The next step in the process is to add a question to the assessment template. To begin, click the Add New Question button on the Section Template Detail screen.

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The New Question Template screen will display. In the Question text box provide the text that you wish to display for that question. In the Answer Options text box provide the answers that you wish to display to the survey participant. Each answer option should be separated by a “~”.

Answer Options can also be added using the by clicking New Answer Option in the Answer Option section of the Question Template. You will then input all the answer option information and repeat this step until you have added all the answer options for the question. (This is the preferred method)

Create as many questions as you need to create your assessment. Use the Save & New button to rapidly create questions within each section.