Now we are going to create an Email template, which is a Salesforce native functionality. So for the purpose of this blog post, we are going to keep this nice and simple.

1. Navigate to Setup page where you will enter “Email Template” into the quick find box and click on Email Templates.

2. Here you will select the “ExAM Case Closed Survey” folder and then you will click New.

3. Now you will select what type of template you wish to create, I chose HTML( with letterhead).

4. Now you can name your email template as well as choose a letterhead(need to have a previously existing one) and an email template type (choose the one which best suits your needs). Then you will click Next.

5. Now you can type the desired text in the text box.

6. Remember that public assessment link that I mentioned earlier in the blog series, you are going to want to copy that link and embed. To do this you are going to want to have copied that link. Then you highlight a phrase like “click here” or “take survey” and add the link to that text and click OK.

7. Now that you have everything how you want it you will click Next and then you will click Save.

8. You have now successfully created an Email template to be used with your Customer Service survey.