The ExAM Command Console allows you to use the intuitive built-in styling to personalize and customize the look and feel of your assessments on a per assessment basis. ExAM also supports the use of CSS allowing you to utilize your awesome CSS skills to provide assessment templates with a further customized look and feel.

To customize the look and feel of an assessment you will navigate to assessment template through the ExAM Command Console.

Now that you are on the assessment template you wish to customize you will click on the Options tab. Here you will see the Survey Look and Feel section. Within this section are the customizable fields relating to the styling of the assessment template.

To make changes you will click on the field you wish to edit and complete the selection or input for that field and click Save. Your assessment’s styling will instantly reflect the changes that you have made.

Before built in styling changes where added:


After styling changes were added:

You also have the option to Show Advanced Styling Options if you wish to use a static resource and CSS to provide a more custom styling to the assessment.