Decision Tree Visualization Tool

Decision trees can often become complicated quickly while you are building them. It is important to keep a structure or a plan while developing them. To assist you with the complexity we have created the ability to view decision trees through the decision tree visualization tool. The first step is to utilize this tool is to navigate to the ExAM App through the App Picker.

Next, you will click the Assessment Template tab.

You will then click on the Template Id of the assessment that you want to view. On this page, you are able to view all the assessment template details and related information to the assessment.

To access the decision tree visualization tool you will click on Decision Tree Visualization. You are now on a page where you are able to navigate through the assessment template section templates, question templates, and answer options.

If you wish to expose the truncated text you can do so by hovering your cursor over the text. To expand a node in the decision tree you will click on the Blue Circle next to the text. You are able to repeat these steps to continue to navigate through the decision tree.

If you identify an issue anywhere along the path you can switch the Display Question by: field to Question Template id and record the ID where the issue occurs and notify the ExAM team so we may properly address the issue.