The ExAM team has brought another useful functionality included in ExAM v1.60 to the ever-evolving assessment template that exists within ExAM. Users now have the ability to disable a question that exists within an assessment template to have it act as if it wasn’t even there. This means that it will not be displayed in a public assessment as well as not be accounted for during reporting, exporting answer, etc. This allows for you to toggle on and off what questions are being utilized in your public assessment without having to delete the question fully.

The ability to Disable a question exists on the question template itself. There is a field that is labeled Disable and when checked that question will be removed from the public assessment.

1.First, navigate to an assessment template that has already been created with a section that has questions that you wish to disable. Then click on the question template that you wish to disable.

2.On the question template, you should see the field Disabled. If you do not see this field please refer to Adding a Field to Page Layout.

3.When this field is selected, the question that it applies to will act as if it is not even in the template. This can be toggled back and forth based on your use case or needs.

4.Here is a before and after picture of the public assessment that is linked to this assessment template when question one and three have been toggled to disabled.