The Distributions tab within the ExAM Command Console allows you to build distributions through guided question so that you may reach the distribution method desired for the specific use case of an assessment template. To complete a distribution, follow the steps below.

First, you will navigate to the ExAM Command Console tab and select the Assessment Template that you are wanting to distribute.

Now click on the Distribution tab. Here you are able to see the distributions that you have previously sent out relating to the assessment template have selected. You are also able to see a message that notifies you of the governor limits of your Org related to how many emails you are able to send, as well as how many you have already sent.

To create a new distribution you will click on the +New Distribution button. This will bring you to the process of entering all the information that is required to create a distribution.

You will provide context for the distribution by entering in the name of the distribution and indicating whether or not you will be assessing an existing Salesforce record. If you are assessing a new record you will indicate what type of record it is and click Continue. If you are assessing an already existing record you will indicate what type of record it is and then search for that specific record and select it and then click Continue to continue to build the distribution.

Next, you will provide the information on who you are distributing the assessment too. If you want to create a single anonymous link that you are able to distribute you will select No to the question “Are you distributing this to Contacts, Leads, or Users?”. If you want to link the assessment to a specific contact, lead, or users you would answer Yes to this question. If you click yes you will be prompted to select which of the three you are distributing to and whether to create a new group to distribute to or select from a previously created group.

To create a new group you will click on Create a New Group. You will name the group then click Create Filters. You are then able to select the Field to Filter on as well as set the parameters so that you are creating the group for the records that you have in mind. You are able to add more than one filter by clicking Add Filter and once you have the filters added you will click Apply Filter. You are then able to select to Use this Group or to Change Group.

Once you have selected the group or created the group you will choose the distribution method. Currently, the only method that is supported is through Email with Salesforce so you would click that method. You will then select the Email template that you want to use to distribute the assessment and schedule the date and time that the Email will be sent. Once that is all complete you will click Select Template and Review.

In the review section, you can look over everything to confirm that it is correct. You are also able to set an Expiration Date for the assessment as well as a Landing Page, Pre-Assessment Message, and  Post assessment Message. Once everything is correct you will click Save Distribution. At this point, you will have successfully scheduled an Email distribution using the new ExAM Command Console Distribution tool.