The distribution of individualized assessment URLs to a group of contacts, leads, or users allows you send mass distributions, via Salesforce Email, all related to a single assessable object while maintaining the information of who answered what.

Executing the Distribution of Individualized URLs to a Group related to an Object

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console.

Select the Assessment Template that you intend to distribute.

Click on the Distributions tab.

Click on +New Distribution.

Provide a name for your distribution in the text field. For the prompt “Will you be assessing an existing Salesforce record?” you will click the Existing button. This will indicate that you are assessing an existing Salesforce records.

Select the assessable object and the record that you will be assessing. Once you have done that you will click Continue.

Next, you will specify who you are distributing the assessment to by selecting either Contact, User, or Leads from the dropdown picklist.

You are then able to either select a previously saved group or create a new group. For ease of demo, I will be selecting a previously created group. You can create a group to fit your distribution or use an existing group if you already have one. When you have confirmed that everything is correct you will click Use this Group.

Now that you have your group selected you will scroll down and choose the method of distribution. You will click Individualized URLs via Salesforce.

You will then select the Email Template that will be used for the distribution and either choose to send it as soon as possible of set the Date and Time that you want the distribution to be sent. Once all of that is set properly you will click Select Template and Review.

After you have reviewed the distribution and confirmed that everything is correct you will click Save Distribution.