Enable Mobile Configuration for an Assessment Template

On the Assessment Template page check the box Available for Mobile. This will enable the mobile configuration tab in the ExAM Command Console.

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console and select the template that you have made available for mobile. You will see that there is now a tab titled Mobile. Select this tab and you are able to set the mobile configuration for this assessment template

Configuring an assessment template for the Mobile App

Once you have Enable Mobile Configuration for an Assessment Template and navigated to the template in the ExAM Command Console you are able to set the template to your desired configuration.

First you must access the Mobile tab within the ExAM Command Console where you will input the basic information of the configuration that you are creating and click Save

You are then able to apply permission settings to the assessment template to determine who can see this assessment template. These permissions can be governed off of Roles, Permission Sets, or Profiles depending on your needs. Either choose a pre existing filter or create a new filter. If you do not need this template to be controlled by permission you can select Allow Access to all Users. When you have completed the permission click Save.

Now you are able to set the UI Configuration you can tweak settings at this step to ensure that the assessment template and UI is functioning to your desired specifications. Once you have set the configuration click Save.

If you would like to make any changes to the default field set configuration you can do so on this step. Once you have made changes or if you want it to remain defaulted click Save.

You are also able to configure related assessments on the related assessment configuration tab. If you wish to do this you can Click to Configure and related several assessment template and Save that configuration.

At this point you have navigated through the entirety of the mobile configuration for the assessment template.