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ExAM Command Console

ExAM Command Console Themes- Command Console now supports several predefined public assessment themes allowing you to apply those themes to your public assessments with the click of a button. This is an intermediate step to providing your assessments a sleeker look and feels without having to delve into custom CSS and static resources

Search for assessment template within the ExAM Command Console Home page- Users are now able to use a search box to better navigate to the desired assessment template.

ExAM Command UI rehaul and clean up- You will notice that the entire exam command console has received a UI update to provide you with a more variable interface while still keeping things simple and intuitive.

Assessment Template Section Archiving- Feel like you no longer need a section of questions to display on the public assessment but you may need them again at a later date? You are not able to archive section, this will keep them from displaying on the public assessment without deleting those templates.


Addition of Individualized URL generation and distribution to a group of the user relating to an assessable object allows you to maintain the assessment relation to an assessable object while also being able to monitor who responded what.

You want your distribution out and you want it out now! Distributions now have the option to send As soon as possible. This allows distributions that may have to generate a large number of URLs to send as soon as the batch generation has completed.

UI and Quality of Life improvements

-Field Name changes for clarity and simplicity

-Public Assessment page accessibility and standards validation to achieve 508 compliance

-Remove unnecessary mark up from public assessment page

-General UI and performance increases for improved usability

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