ExAM Assessment Themes

ExAM has always allowed you to use your awesome CSS skills to create stunning templates, but if that is not your cup of tea ExAM themes is for you. ExAM Themes now allows you to easily add prepackaged styling to an assessment template to quickly customize the look and feel. Currently, there are three available themes available and as time goes on we will add several more to allow for greater customization without the need to dive into the code yourself.

Now that you know ExAM Themes exist we should show you how to apply them and what themes have been added.

First, you will want to navigate to an to the ExAM Command Console.

Next, click on the assessment template that you would like to apply a theme too.

Navigate to the Options tab.

Here you will see that under the Template Look and Feel Section there is a new field called Theme. You are able to click on that field and choose a theme from the drop-down picklist and click Save. This will automatically apply the theme to your assessment template.

Below is a quick demo of what each theme looks like:

No Theme:

Salesforce SLDS: