Many organizations find themselves with programs or capabilities that require some level of certification of capabilities in order to ensure the quality of those capabilities over time. Here at ExAM HQ things are no different. We want the folks who provide implementation services and support to our customers to be qualified to do the job.

When we started thinking about how to do it, of course, we considered building our own solution based on ExAM. We already had a training curriculum…we really just needed a way to test people’s knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure they were ready for prime time.

The first thing we started with was developing a good test of the skills.

Building the Survey

Now, of course, creating a survey is going to be dependent on your specific needs but as a way to get those creative juices flowing, we’ll give you a little example of how we approached building our certification survey.

We built out our survey in sections covering a wide variety of topics from ExAM Setup and Configuration to Mobile App Configuration. Here’s what those sections looked like for us:

  • Assess Anything

  • Survey Development

  • Survey Scoring

  • Assessment Groups

  • Assessment Events

  • Internal Surveys vs. External Surveys

  • Public Site Assessment Community Configuration

  • ExAM Viewers

  • Survey Distribution Modes

  • Decision Tree Developments

  • Field Mapping

  • Map Builders

  • Report Builder

  • Survey Styling

  • Survey to Case

  • Case to Survey

  • Score Based Landing Pages

  • Web Intercept

  • Importing and Exporting Surveys and Survey Data

  • General Configuration

  • Mobile App Configuration

Now that we had the roadmap to build the survey we went ahead and created it.

Article Series:

  1. ExAM Certification System
  2. Creating the Certification Assessment
  3. Question Scoring
  4. Create a Certification Object
  5. Configure the Contact Object
  6. Field Mapping Survey to Contact
  7. Distributing the Certification Assessment
  8. Create Test Links for the Assessment
  9. Create Contact to Certification Process Builder
  10. Create Email Template and Notification Workflow Rules