The most exciting new feature that has been added with the introduction of the ExAM Command Console is its Assessment Template specific analytics tab. With the new analytics tab, you will find yourself saving loads of time since you won’t have to be bothered with building and creating reports and dashboards for every single Assessment Template that you have distributed. Now you are able to see detailed charts and word clouds displaying the responses to your assessments in real time with just a click of a button, a significant improvement over the previously dreaded task of creating these through Salesforce native functionality.

Using a Customer Satisfaction Survey that has had sufficient answers recorded on it we are able to show you a quick example of what these included analytic charts might look like:

A closer look at what we have here shows that there are two different ways that the answer records are being displayed. For question types that prompt the participant to click on a designated answer option the data collected will be displayed in the form of a pie chart. You are able to see the question text along the top of the chart displayed as a title as well as having a clear and easy to read pie chart generated that you can either refer to the legend for values or hover over the section to have a pop up show you.

For question types that require the survey participant to reply with a unique text, such as a text area type question the data collected will be displayed in a word cloud allowing you to see the phrases and words that are being used frequently and gauge the general responses without having to comb through every answer submitted.

With all the new capabilities of ExAM Command Console Analytics, your ability to view data is streamlines and pleasant allowing you for easier access to better information so that you can act on the data quicker and more informed!