ExAM Command Console Summary Tab

In the ExAM Command Console, you have easy access to the Summary tab, which allows for you to quickly get a glance of key information relating to your Assessment Template.

You are able to see the amount of sections as well as questions that are in the assessment template, along with the description you have given the assessment. Here you are also able to see what URL the participant will be directed to once they have completed the assessment if you have chosen to configure this setting.

From this tab, it is also easy to navigate back to editing the question templates using the Edit Questions button, or you could choose to enter into the template options by pressing the Template Options button if you still want to configure other settings or make changes.

Included in the Summary tab you will see three canned reports for quick visuals on key metrics related to the assessment template displayed in real time.

The first report is Assignment Manager by Completed Date, which provides you with a visual of how many people have completed the assessment along with what dates they are being completed. You are able to select different time frames to be displayed to help you better understand when your assignment managers are being complete.

The second report is Assignment manager by Overall Status. This report allows you to see how many assignment managers have been distributed along with what status they reside in giving you a quick idea of how many have been completed, are still in progress or are in whatever status they happen to be in. You are able to see the numerical values of the pie slices by hovering your mouse over the section.

The third report is Assignment Manager by Created Date. This report specifies when each assignment manager have been created to help give you quick visuals as well as evaluate progress combined with the other two reports. You are also able to select the time range displayed on this report to highlight the area you wish to analyze.