ExAM Distributions has received another expansion to the already existing functionality. You will notice when you are clicking through the prompts to build out a distribution for an assessment template you now have the additional option to specify that you are assessing a “Group”. Choosing this option allows you to continue through the process of setting up your distribution but alters the way that the backend generates the assessment URL. By indicating that you are assessing a group the system will generate multiple unique URLs that are attached to the records that you specify. A situation where this distribution type is applicable is when you want to distribute to a group of contacts while maintaining the information of who is responding to the assessment and what they are responding. Now that you understand the functionality that has been added the easiest way to grasp the process is to actually walk through the steps of creating a distribution that is configured to function this way. You will notice that it is very similar to the distributions that you have created before all you have to do it specify that the unique link generation is the what you want and the system will handle the rest on the backend.

Follow along with the steps of distributing an assessment template that will create unique links and maintain the relations between the assessment responses and the Salesforce record below.

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console and select the Assessment Template that you wish to distribute.

Click on the Distributions tab. Here you are able to see any existing distributions for the assessment template. To create a new distribution you will click on +New Distribution. This will start the process of providing context to your distribution.

Provide a name for your distribution in the text field. For the prompt “Will you be assessing an existing Salesforce record?” you will click the Group button. This will indicate that you are assessing a group of Salesforce records and notify the system that you want to create unique links for each record.

Next, you will specify who you are distributing the assessment to by selecting either Contact, User, or Lead from the dropdown picklist.

You are then able to either select a previously saved group or create a new group. We will be creating a new group so you will click Create a New Group.

Provide a name for the group that you are creating by typing into the text box and click Create Filter. You will then provide whatever filter criteria you need to specify the group that you want to distribute the assessment too. Once you have your filter criteria added you will click Apply Changes. You are then able to preview the records that are in your group by clicking the eye icon. When you have confirmed that everything is correct you will click Use this Group.

Now that you have your group selected you will scroll down and choose the method of distribution. For this type of distribution, the only option currently available is Email with Salesforce so you will select it. You will then select the Email template that will be used for the distribution and set the Date and Time that you want the distribution to be sent. Once all of that is set properly you will click Select Template and Review.

After you have reviewed the distribution and confirmed that everything is correct you will click Save Distribution. At this point, you have successfully navigated the steps necessary to distribute unique links via Email to your designated group. Once you have saved the distribution the system will handle the process of batch generating the unique links. These links will allow the group to complete the assessment while maintaining the relation of who submitted what.