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ExAM Command Console Distribution

This month’s featured enhancement is the ExAM Command Console Distribution Tab. The addition of this seemingly simple tab to the ExAM Command Console is the culmination this month’s hard work. The distribution tab brings the power to distribute assessment templates through Email with Salesforce without needing to leave the ExAM Command Console. As we continue to move forward and work to provide our customers with the best functionality the distribution tab will continue to evolve to provide users with what is necessary. Click here to learn how to get started by distributing an assessment with the ExAM Command Console. Learn more here

New Likert Scale Question Type

This month we have added a new question type to our ever-growing list of available question types. In the spirit of efficiency, you will no longer need to provide scaled answer options when asking a question that is of the Likert type. Simply select the Likert question type and then select which type of answer options you desire and scaled answer option will be created for the question. To gain access to using this question type simple add “Likert” to the Question type Object. More detailed instruction can be found here.

Addition of Help Text in ExAM Command Console

The ExAM team has brought the ever useful help text that you see in Salesforce Classic to the ExAM Command Console. Previously the lightning component did not support this but we have mitigated this. We are also working to provide a more robust and fully built out help text for each field in order to increase the ease of use.

ExAM Email Distribution displayed governor limits

Stay in the know while distributing assessment templates via Salesforce Email with the ExAM Command Console Distribution tool. We have added a display to inform you of how many Email you have already sent from your Org and how many you have remaining in the day related to your Orgs specific governor limits.

Mobile- Automatically save answer record upon entry instead of completion of the assessment

Added the functionality to automatically record the answer records while they are being filled out and not just upon submitting the assessment. This ensures that the answer that are recorded are not lost but still requires the assessment to be submitted in order for it to count as complete

Additional Changes
  • All Supporting elements to allow for the Distribution tab to function properly
  • Fixed UI issue that was allowing the ExAM Command Console to Escape its tab and open in a new window
  • Fixed UI that was causing the ExAM Command Console to be cut off and not utilize the entire screen
  • Content Validation specific to question types
  • General UI and bug fixes to increase usability and performance

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