Make it transparent with scalable checks and balances, make it automated, make it safe, and make it turnkey. Could this be the future of inspections for the private sector, school districts, municipalities, and even federal organizations? So says Millsapps, Ballinger and Associates (MB&A). They’re the innovators changing how the inaccuracy and inconsistencies among inspectors’ reports gets “boiled out.” With a new iOS inspections solution that gives customizable mobile data access, workforce teams can now be equipped with strategic information capture in real time. And while that leaves an indelible mark on industries that have long been plagued with variables that inhibit productivity, be it human or otherwise, it’s the app’s delivery of standardization that now changes the game.

So how does it work? MB&A’s Extensible Assessment Manager (ExAM) solution is available for iOS to support the company’s inspections oriented software as a service (SAAS) product. ExAM sits on top of the Salesforce platform and enables enterprise-class inspection systems to be delivered as turn-key solutions. It can now be an integral component for inspection standardization, automation, and mobility as it empowers inspectors in the field with a cloud-based platform; accelerating the inspection process and eliminating inconsistencies among inspectors.

Joshua Millsapps, Senior Partner at Millsapps, Ballinger and Associates said of the new iOS app, “By supporting advanced standardized and customized reporting as well as workflows, work order management, approval processes, and complex decision tree logic we can automate and support complex inspections. We like to say that with the app, standards are baked in, and unfairness and inaccuracies are boiled out.”

Simply stated, clients can now create salesforce-powered standardized customizable reports and dashboards that take projects full lifecycle. Forms, scoring systems, and workflows can be created with the app’s Assessment Development Wizard and ExAM Viewers. Adding to the functionality, the Assessment Groups and Assignment Manager automates compliance, measures performance and curates information quickly for field systems organizationally grouped by people, places and things. Some of these include security assessments, field inspections, fitness tests, and maintenance tests. Inherently mobile, ExAM can also manage policy compliance and data calls to give a snapshot of the real functionality of performance management environments. Environments include IT portfolio management, facilities management, security, capital planning, strategic planning, and inventory management to name a few.

Speaking of the broad reach of the ExAM app, Ashira Lavine, a client of MB&A reports, “Within weeks, they pulled together a solution to support my teams’ ability to understand how safe kids were in more than 180 schools in 23 states.”

Streamlining the process, clients automate compliance activities and inspections including audit functions in a minimal timeframe. In days or, at most, weeks the time-saving solution is in place without the purchase and configuration of an expensive infrastructure. To meet stringent security requirements, this SAAS solution from MB&A can also be delivered in a Federal Cloud Security (FedRAMP) environment.

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