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ExAM Command Console user interface

The heavy hitter in this release is the new ExAM Command Console. The ExAM Command Console enables you to create an assessment template, configure the options, and see real-time summary reports and analytics all in a centralized intuitive location all held together with a minimalistic streamlined user interface. Check it out here.

ExAM Command Console canned reports and analytics

Once your assessment has been distributed and answers have begun to be recorded you now have instant access to that data. The summary tab provides you with graphics to keep you informed on the status of your assignment managers and the analytics tab allows you to see the answers being recorded on the assessment in real time without the hassle of having to build reports in Salesforce. Check out the Analytics tab here.

ExAM Command Console Pie charts

Real-time assessment analytics are now being displayed in easy to read interactive pie charts. This display allows for the relative proportions of answer options recorded to be gaged at a quick glance while also allowing viewers to open the legend and view exact numbers. See what the new chart look like here.

Including videos or images on a question using ExAM Command Console

Added the functionality to be able to include video URLs or upload images so that they can be displayed with any question type.

Additional Changes
  • General user interface improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Initial support for decision trees and dependent question in ExAM Command Console
  • Question types restructured
  • Content Validation
  • Integration of Google colors

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