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ExAM Command Console
  • Addition of a new question type called Multimedia. This question type allows you to just provide an image or a video URL to be displayed in the same way that a question would be displayed. When using this question type you are not required to provide any answer options, this provides you with an additional tool to further customize your assessments to fit your needs. Refer to the Notes at the bottoms to ensure this question type is enabled in your Org.
  • ExAM Command Console received fine-tuning and styling tweaks to more closely resemble Salesforce Lightning.
  • Increase answer option fields length restriction from 90 characters to 255 characters.
ExAM Distribution
  • Additional functionality added to the ExAM Distribution tab within the ExAM Command Console. You are not able to specify that you are assessing a group of Salesforce record. This allows you to generate record specific assessment URLs that will relate directly back to those records when the assessments are completed.
Performance an Quality of Life Improvements
  • Dates for the Date question types switched from displaying in dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Support added for not required Text Area question type to be used in decision trees.
  • Lookup question now populates the previous response when an assessment that is configured for One Time Assessment is accessed again that has already been submitted.
  • Addition of a Mass Delete function within the Assignment Manager tab. This function allows you to delete Assignment Managers and the associated answer records with the click of a button. Refer to the Notes below to read the steps necessary to make this functionality available in your Org.
  • To enable the Multimedia question type in your Org add ‘Multimedia’ to the picklist options on the Question Type field in the Question Template object.
  • To enable the Assignment Manager Mass Delete functionality navigate to the Assignment Manager Object. In the Search Layout section click Edit next to Assignment Manager List View. Move the Mass Delete button from the Available Buttons to Selected Buttons and Save. We created 2 new buttons with the same name called “Mass Delete”. One for Salesforce Classic and another for Lightning Experience. The Button for Lightning Experience navigates to a new UI and does the delete action whereas in Classic it just remains in the same screen and pops up confirmation box and does delete action. So please ensure whether you are adding correct button in Classic/Experience.

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