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ExAM Distribution

-Users will now be able to preview the recipient list created by filter criteria. This allows for a more fluid experience and extra piece of mind that you assessment will be distributed to the proper locations.

-Users will now be able to see and remove selected recipients from the distribution list generated from filter criteria.

ExAM Insight

-Two new types of dashboards have been added to the ExAM Insight functionality. Users are now able to use pie charts and word clouds, allowing you to better configure your public dashboards for a better end user experience.

-ExAM insight now supports the use of the majority of question types available.

ExAM Analytics

-Likert question types data will now be properly displayed in the analytics tab.

ExAM Command Console

-Fixed issue with the changing of the Likert Type resulting in the incorrect display of answer options in the assessment builder view.

ExAM Mobile

-Assessable Record translation in Lens viewer is now available.

Additional changes

-Fixed issue on Assessment Template Header Logo not displaying in IE browser

-Optimization allowing for assessment templates with greater than 200 answer options associated with a single question template to function properly. General improvements are constantly being investigated and implemented to ensure the application can meet all your needs.


-Please note that for package upgrade process, User has to manually add ‘Word Cloud’ option on the Type field in the Dashboard Detail Object.

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