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Field Mapping for Attachments

You can now have users upload attachments that get connected to whatever object you are assessing. Want to save an attachment supplied from a survey to a case? You can do that! Want to save an attachment from an assessment onto an account? You can do that too!

Disable Questions on Assessments

Have a question that isn’t useful at this time but you want to turn on in the future? Now you can disable questions until the moment is right. Check out how to use this feature here.

ExAM Survey URL Shortened

The URL for our surveys are now shortened, making it easier to text, send or display the survey URL. Don’t worry, all the old URL’s will continue to work!

Question Randomization

Now you can create a question bank and randomize which questions, and how many to display. Check out this functionality here.

Short Question Name

To consolidate the size of your reports you can now enter a condensed version of your question name on the question template. For example: “Please enter your facility” can be condensed to “Facility” for reporting

Additional ExAM Changes:

– More question types are supported in the decision tree Support all question types in decision trees

– Add or remove scoring on answer exports

– Checkbox question type supported

Changes to the Lightning Experience

– Section Options now available in lightning

– Additional template options available in the advanced option fieldset

– Sort the ExAM Grid by your last modified date

– Automatically scrolls to unsaved questions

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