The reports tab provides you a flexible analysis capability that will enable you to rapidly access and create reports to support both strategic and tactical decision-making. . The tools powerful out of the box reporting are easily extended to meet your requirements. The folders in the left hand side of the screen allow me to navigate to specific types of reports. The reports down the middle can be sorted to show recently viewed reports, or I can use the drop down menu to view all items, or items created by a specific person.
I can also choose to view both reports and dashboards, only reports or only dashboards. All of our dashboards are “drillable” and have reports behind them. I can click through and see that specific report from the dashboard. I can create a new dashboard. To create my own dashboards and report simply click “new” and select the type of report or dashboard you would like to create from the drop down menu. Then select the data you want in your report and click run—It is that easy. Again if you want great results, you have to put a little bit of work into thinking about what information you need presented, but once you have it done its very simple to drag in the type of components you want and choose from data sources.