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Case Survey Configuration Email Templates, ExAM

As an ExAM administrator, in regards to Case Survey Configuration, I can now pick an option to pick a particular email template. I can add my own templates into an ExAM centric folder in order to leverage them for case management and other ExAM outreach activities.

Field mapping changes, Salesforce AppExchange ExAM

As an ExAM/field mapping creator I now have the ability to optionally specify that assignment manager assessable object mappings will populate/update the object when assignment manager is updated and when assignment manager and object are created together.

Sync All Edits Made to the Inspection, iOS and Android

As a user, I can ensure all edits automatically sync in the device so that if I change data related to the inspection it automatically updates fields where it’s necessary.

Feedback Button | Back End Data Gathering, iOS and Android

As a ExAM Administrator, I now can get back-end information gathering from a feedback button, so that users can run reports on the feedback.

Creating Assessable Object on Survey Submission, ExAM

As an ExAM user I have the ability to create a public assessment (anonymous) and if the template is linked to an assessable object and I can ensure the required field mappings, then every time the survey is taken, it will create the assessable object record as well as the assignment manager upon submission of the survey.

Validation on Public Assessment Manager for Anonymous Survey creation, ExAM

As an ExAM Administrator I now have validation on the Public Assessment Manager to only show templates that are not “One Time Assessment”. It also ensures that I cannot check one-time assessment on assessment template if there are currently anonymous surveys that are creating the accessible object. Lastly, it makes sure that the field mapping has any required fields populated so that it does not throw an error when creating that object.

Re-run Score and Field mapping for Existing Managers Functionality, ExAM

Case Fixed! Customers that were experiencing intermittent issues with re-running field mapping against custom objects should no longer experience the issue. Please let us know if you see anything like this still occurring in the new package.

View and remove file question type answers, ExAM

As an ExAM survey taker, I want the ability to view a link/download all file question type answers. As well as the ability to remove a file that has been added to a File question type’s answers.

Assess anything drop-down list, ExAM

UX improvements! As an ExAM administrator, I need for the  Assess anything drop-down pick list to be in alphabetical order to increase user experience. Drop down pick lists have been checked globally to ensure that they are in an order to increase user convenience.

Public Assessment Redirect Configuration, ExAM

Case: The issue with Assignment Manager’s and Scoring where the total score is blank/null and does not register at 0 even if scoring is in place has been resolved. This was an issue when using “Public Assessment Redirect Configuration”. You can now score questions as 0. If there is no score, we default the value of total score to 0.

Public Assessment Viewer - Section header text color change based on configuration, ExAM

Case: In Public Assessment Viewer, the section header text color can be changed dynamically based on “Header and button text color” configuration.

ExAM Answers not recording default results screen values, ExAM

Case: When you record an answer from the lens viewer, all default values and results screen values will now populate correctly. This is true for all values marked as “Hidden” in the results page configuration. It has been confirmed as a fix and all of these fields marked as both “Hidden” and “Available are populating correctly.”

Research Feasibility of Feedback Button on Every Page, Android & iOS

As an Inspector or team member, we were asked to research the feasibility of placing a Feedback button on each screen so anyone can access my feedback so that I do not have to write my feedback at a later time in another format such as email. We not only researched this item for you we delivered this research item.

Inspection Report (UPCS-V Reporting Module) - Add Overall Status -Pass / Fail / Incomplete / Unsuccessful, ExAM

The overall result of the inspection has been added to the Inspection Report below the Inspection Report: Address Title, so that report users can easily identify what is the overall inspection result.

Inspection Report (UPCS-V Reporting Module) - Remove Inspection Summary Count, ExAM

The Inspection Summary section of the Inspection Report was removed to reduce space in the overall report.

Inspection Report (UPCS-V Reporting Module) - Room Field, ExAM

As an inspector, the room field now appears on the inspection report, so that report users know where the deficiency is located.

Inspection Report (UPCS-V Reporting Module) - Add Type of Inspection, ExAM

As an Inspector, the Type of Inspection and related fields have been added to the Inspection Report, so that the users (tenant, landlord or PHA personnel) can determine what type of inspection was performed.

Inspection Report (UPCS-V Reporting Module) - Overall Quality of a Unit and Associated Areas | Survey Field, ExAM

As an Inspector, I the overall quality of a unit and associated areas field have been added. The purpose of these fields is to provide the overall impression of the condition of a unit and associated areas. These can be further configured by the inspector, after the completion of the inspection.

Inspection Report - Add 'Inspected on MM/DD/YYYY, ExAM

As an Inspector, I now have the ¬†‘Inspected on MM/DD/YYYY’ added to the Inspection Report, so that I know the date the inspection was performed.

Inspection Report - Remove Unit Information Section, ExAM

As an Inspector, I now see the Unit Information section on the Inspection report this removes some reporting redundancy.

Inspection Report - Unit Zip Code, ExAM

As an inspector, the zip code populates at the top of the inspection report so that I know the zip code of the unit inspected.

Translation of Assignment Manager to Inspection (or other) in Salesforce, ExAM

As an ExAM administrator you can now configure how the term Assignment Manager is called so that you can match your own vocabulary and use case. You now get consistent, logical, and intuitive nomenclature, so that we have ease of use, training, and understanding.

Remove HTML from header label in report, ExAM

As an ExAM administrator, you will no longer get HTML showing up in the header and other areas during reporting.