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ExAM Command Console
  • Added the ability to designate an assessment template as available for mobile use. Once the template has been designated for mobile use there will be a tab in the ExAM Command Console titled Mobile where you are able to set the configuration for that template. Check out the step by step
  • Added the ability to designate permissions to control who can see an assessment template when viewed from the mobile app.
  • Added additional functionality to the Lookup question to support dependent lookup questions enabling the creation of chained lookup questions to display record related to the parent lookup question determined through filters.
  • Centralized several field mapping configuration menus within the options tab of the ExAM Command Console.
  • Enhanced users ability to build and track decision tree question chains in ExAM Command Console. Dependent and decision tree question with a parent question will now remain on the main ExAM Command Console viewer for ease of editing.
ExAM Lighting Viewer
  • Added additional question type support to the Lighting viewer. Hidden, Likert, Checkbox Picklist, Date, Date Time, Horizontal Picklist, List, Case, File Question – AM, File Question – Answers, File Question – Assessable Object are now supported. Check out the Lightning viewer here. 
ExAM Configuration
  • Added support for larger assessment template import and export, assessment template with 2,000+ answer options are now supported.
ExAM Mobile
  • Added Mobile support for several question types that had not previously been supported. This includes Horizontal Radiopicklist, Likert, and Image Hotspot
  • Small styling and content changes to improve user experience and user interface.
  • Improvement to ExAM Mobile Sync integrity ensuring that all information synced from mobile is retained
ExAM Public Assessment
  • Configure your question templates to record a default value if the end user chooses not to select an answer. Check out how here!
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