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ExAM Command Console

– Question type Radiopicklist and MultiselectPicklist received label name changes. No functionality has changed but will now display as Radio Picklist and Checkbox Picklist, respectively.

-Addition of an ExAM Distribution list view that will allow you to display all distribution in your org as well as distributions owned by you

– Assessment template that are cloned from the ExAM Command Console will not have the proper owner assigned, therefore will display in the “My ExAM” list view

Performance Optimization

-Assessment Service Component refactoring to optimize component logic for increased performance

– Section Service Component refactoring to optimize component logic for increase performance

-Question Service Component refactoring to optimize component logic for increase performance

-Answer Options Service Component refactoring to optimize component logic for increase performance

– ExAM Command Refactoring testing to confirm performance enhancements on the public assessment load times


-Added the option to create inspections from assessment templates other than the default mobile assessment template. User are now able to configure a list of additional templates to be supported in the mobile viewer.

-Enhancements to the Offline Submit All functionality that was causing Read/Write error.

-Addition of the option to set Default section on assessment templates to the collapsed position to assist in decluttering the screen

-Addition of formula field support for assignment manager filters

-Addition of null value compatibilities to the Assignment Manager default configuration
Added Configuration options to Available Assessment Templates based on Profile/Role/Permissions allowing for multiple inspection to be set up in one org at a more granular level

Bug Fixes

-Removed SLDS loading spinner that was appearing in the public assessment viewer after every click of an answer option

-Refinement of the ExAM Themes display.

Additional Notes

-Added new picklist option “Mobile Additional Template Filter” on Type field in Rule object. So please add this option in Type field after upgrading to V1.79

-“Radio Picklist” and “Checkbox Picklist” values are not updated automatically upon the instalatiion of ExAM version 1.79. You must manually navigate to the Question Type field on Question Template object and update the Radiopicklist field name and MultiselectPiclist field name

-ExAM__Mobile_Assignment_Manager_Edit_Fieldset1 is the new Fieldset added for updating existing assignment manager via Mobile App. You must manually add non package fields in this new fieldset after upgrading to ExAM version 1.79

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