ExAM Learning Center

The following includes links to our videos will help you understand and use ExAM to make your organization a little safer, a little more efficient and hopefully a little more fun.

Introducing ExAM

Our Saleforce.com app, Extensible Assessment Manager or ExAM, was created specifically to meet the unique facilities management and security needs facing our organizations today. ExAM was built by Millsapps, Ballinger and Associates on a Salesforce platform, which means that in addition to the capabilities I will tell you about in a minute, you also get access to the power of Salesforce.com’s inherent capabilities around document management, messaging, task management and other capabilities that have made Salesforce.com a staple of Fortune 500 companies.

ExAM Assessment

Learn what ExAM has to offer from the Assessment Tab, includes more than 150 questions covering general facilities security and management including: General/Administrative, Access Control, Lighting, Construction/Renovation, Site Stakeholders, Life Safety, Power, Emergency Plans, Mail Handling, Lighting, Parking, Fencing, Standoff, Roadway Control, Visitor Control, Inspection Policies and Procedures, Security Background Checks, Law Enforcement, Facility Security, Locks and Other Misc. Items.

Navigating the ExAM User Interface

When you first access the user interface the first thing you will notice is how user friendly it is. You have a very simple set of tabs across the top and there’s a feed down the middle showing recent user activity. If you upload a file and you’re working to collaborate with other users, this is where it appears. This area is completely customizable. For further information regarding customizing the user interface view our video on Customizing ExAM. You can have dashboards here, calendars, to do lists, and manage workflow. It’s very flexible.

Customizing ExAM 

One of the biggest assets of this tool is how easy it is to customize it. Changing tabs, layouts and other user interface elements is very easy. This enables your team to work in the way that best meets their needs and enables their decision-making and workflows.

ExAM Contacts

One of the first tabs in the interface is for contacts. Here I can come in look across all the different contacts that I’ve got for my particular areas of responsibility or create a new contact. All the fields are customizable. You can see the tool automatically highlights a list of individuals associated with the facilities I’m responsible for. I can create a new event task, contact, account, report, and document anything right from one place.

ExAM Accounts

The Account tab offers you a place to quickly access all of the accounts. In many ExAM use cases the account can be thought of as a facility. Any accounts you have recently opened can be found in the Recent Accounts Box. All accounts can be accessed from the drop down menu at the top left of the page. You can select which type of accounts you want to view with the drop down menu on top right of the page. You can also easily drill down into each Account to see where the organization is, the owner of the account, and other relevant information such as the number of employees and the organization security assessment scores.

ExAM Dashboards

The Dashboards tab allows you many different options for analytic components. I can come in and create new reports and new dashboards very easily. Dashboards can be structured to meet your specific requirements. For this example we are going to show three types of data that can help organization’s quickly assess what changes can be made to their physical security to improve their students learning environment.

The Assessment Completion Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily tell how many of your assessments have been completed by the organization, and therefor how complete your current analytics are at this point in time.

The Assessment Analytics Dashboard shows you which physical security elements need improvement nationwide.

The Crime Dashboard shows National crime incidents in areas surrounding our organization. By comparing the data in this Dashboard with the data in the Assessment Analytics Dashboard we can easily prioritize which facilities are put in the most risk by inadequate physical security measures.

ExAM Reports

The reports tab provides you a flexible analysis capability that will enable you to rapidly access and create reports to support both strategic and tactical decision-making. The tools powerful out of the box reporting are easily extended to meet your requirements. The folders in the left hand side of the screen allow me to navigate to specific types of reports. The reports down the middle can be sorted to show recently viewed reports, or I can use the drop down menu to view all items, or items created by a specific person.

I can also choose to view both reports and dashboards, only reports or only dashboards. All of our dashboards are “drillable” and have reports behind them. I can click through and see that specific report from the dashboard. I can create a new dashboard. To create my own dashboards and report simply click “new” and select the type of report or dashboard you would like to create from the drop down menu. Then select the data you want in your report and click run—It is that easy. Again if you want great results, you have to put a little bit of work into thinking about what information you need presented, but once you have it done its very simple to drag in the type of components you want and choose from data sources.

Logging in to ExAM 

Log into safe using your unique e-mail address and password. Your system admin can give you create, read, write, and update access to specific areas of ownership. All of these videos will be through the eyes of our example user, Rick Blaine, with full access to the tool.